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Saturday, March 20, 2010


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Perhaps it's time rebrand the college as well..."The Failing Fleet?"

Gary Bordogna

As I had already posted on Facebook, Cliff Smith wrote and edited the article. Below his his reply to an email I sent him asking about the authorship of the article.

Mr. Bordogna,
Thanks for you interest in Inside Erskine. I can honestly say the ideas expressed in the article were a group effort. The central idea came from a discussion a few months ago when Dr. Robyn Agnew shared the thought that Erskine's transition from "church-affiliated" to "Christian liberal arts" had caused confusion and had been misunderstood as a "hard right turn." We agreed that idea hadn't been discussed openly enough and that it should be. I did the writing and editing, but all members of the president's cabinet had significant input into the story.

Again, thanks for your interest.

Cliff Smith


Gary — thanks for posting that information here!

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